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I am a self proclaimed book dragon, and as such I love the library, but I really thrive off of owning books and being able to see them on my shelves. Heck, I even tore apart the “formal dinning room” in my house and made it into a library. That being said, I also live...

In the Spring of 2018 I was ready to make some big changes. I had come to the decision that I needed a new job. I wanted something that paid better and felt like a better use of my brain than answering emails all day. This revelation let to a discussion with a friend o...

It's that time of year again! The holidays are upon us. Everyone is decking their halls, preparing their menorahs, and getting ready for spending time with loved ones and exchanging gifts. To help those who are searching for the perfect gift for their geeky friend, I h...

As the year ends and the new one marches in, parties and celebrations are filled with masked individuals enjoying friends and spirits. However, a love of pretending to be something or someone else isn’t new. Adults and children have been putting on costumes and masks f...

Space, the final frontier. If you've seen an episode of the original Star Trek series, you probably heard that in the voice of a young William Shatner. What do you think of when someone says "Star Trek"? Do you think of Spock? Trekkies? Geeks? Nerds? Well, let's see.


Who doesn’t love a British actor on a panel at Dragon*Con? I had the pleasure of attending Dragon*Con's Stranger Things panel, and it was everything I hoped for and more. The panel brought us plenty of good laughs, mostly surrounding jabs at people of “a certain age”....

Where do you go on Labor Day weekend if you like gaming, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Stargate, Harry Potter, Marvel movies, or any number of things related to space, paranormal, or superheroes? What about a parade with all of those things and more? Dragon Con, baby!! T...

There was a present in my work locker. It was the size of a paperback book and wrapped in tasteful striped paper. “Leigh, I thought you might like this. Merry Christmas!” was printed in permanent marker across the front. There was no signature.

I spent a few minutes tr...

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A fun place for geeky southern belles to discuss fandoms,  cosplay, the apocalypse, bow ties, and books galore.


If you're more into monsters than monograms, this is your home.  If you wear pearls while watching anime, so do we.  And if you are questioning the grammar in this post, welcome.

If Superwholock and Clone Club made a baby in a Marvel/DC au......then we'd totally add it to head cannon. 

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