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I encounter folks all the time who think cosplay or costuming is really difficult.  I love that there are cosplayers out there making a pop culture impact and bringing costumes/conventions to the mainstream.  However, it also makes noobs feel a ton of pressure for perf...

I think the best part of being a geek is the enthusiasm and excitement of sharing your fandom love with others. We love these fandoms SO MUCH, that we want others to love them and get excited about them too. I mean, isn’t that the purpose behind most, if not all, of ou...

People decide to have children for many reasons. A special bonus for us geeks, is putting those children in a costume. Even if costuming and cosplay are not for you, you may have a kid born with a thimble on their thumb, or need to learn basic costume skills for your c...

Ten Things to help you not sound like a noob when talking about Lolita

1.  Lolita is considered a fashion, or a manner of dress. Not a fandom. It is based on Victorian, Edwardian, and Rococo style of clothing and dress. If you don’t have a hoop skirt, or a big round bel...

The best video footage from Dragon Con 2017!



DJ Spider Cosplay is an award winning Cosplayer and costumer who enjoys doing lesser known versions of comic book costumes. We love her!!!  She is also the queen of conventions, so here are her best tips:

1) Start walking! If you're not used to walking more than 15 min...

We've created some fun Cosplay Bingo Printables that you can play in line at your next big convention.  These are perfect for Dragon Con!  Several cards contain original art from our very own Southern Fried Geek Girls.  Download, print, and share the fun!!!


We got the chance to interview the lovely Avada KATavra Cosplay, aka Rachel "Kat" Miller and she let us in on some fun costuming secrets and stories!

What sparked your love for costuming?

My parents instilled in me a massive love for Halloween at an early age (and they a...

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If you're more into monsters than monograms, this is your home.  If you wear pearls while watching anime, so do we.  And if you are questioning the grammar in this post, welcome.

If Superwholock and Clone Club made a baby in a Marvel/DC au......then we'd totally add it to head cannon. 

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