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When I was about 7 or 8 years old I loved, I mean LOVED Wonder Woman (ok I still love her, but let me continue with my flashback).  I would pretend I was fighting off bad guys with my bullet proof wrist cuffs in my bedroom and I even gave myself an ear-ache because I w...

I think the best part of being a geek is the enthusiasm and excitement of sharing your fandom love with others. We love these fandoms SO MUCH, that we want others to love them and get excited about them too. I mean, isn’t that the purpose behind most, if not all, of ou...

5 Fandoms You May Not Recognise Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Serenity Browncoats, & Marvel's Avengers are nothing new in the wide world of nerdom. Many have become

There is nothing in the world like having a child and buying them their first Superhero, Harry Potter, or Star Wars shirt (depending on your fandom).  It’s a totally awesome feeling. You think you are raising this kid in all the right ways, because who else has a kid t...

Twelve years ago, I started watching Supernatural in college. The Winchester Brothers grew in the series as I grew in my life. I have grown with these characters and shared each funny moment, intense drama and action, and each sad tragedy. As the name of the show, the...

What's Going to Happen on GAME OF THRONES This Season?

***Book and TV show spoilers follow***

Winter is coming - Scratch that; winter is here!  After what feels like an eternity, everyone's favorite medieval/fantasy/political drama about dragons and ice zombies has retur...

We talk about games, movies, shows, fandoms, zombies, and unbox some fun geeky products.  Thanks to Ariyanna Moon for joining Southern Fried Geek Girl Lindsey!

One of the first things you may notice about the 221b con is its diversity. Because 221b is a convention for all lovers of Sherlock. It reaches the diehard literary Conan Doyle fans who quote canon from memory, to those who can give you every theory about what happens...

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