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5 Fandoms You May Not Recognise Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Serenity Browncoats, & Marvel's Avengers are nothing new in the wide world of nerdom. Many have become

Ten Things to help you not sound like a noob when talking about Lolita

1.  Lolita is considered a fashion, or a manner of dress. Not a fandom. It is based on Victorian, Edwardian, and Rococo style of clothing and dress. If you don’t have a hoop skirt, or a big round bel...

Anime Weekend Atlanta is the largest Anime Convention in the southeast. The con is annually at the end of September in Atlanta, Georgia. This year, it was held September 28th to October 1st. Since the American audience for Japanese lolita fashion is very much scattered...

As I walked into the building to attend the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo, I was not sure what to expect.  I had never been to an Expo in a mall, or attended a free expo. It is a young event as this is only its third year. I had not been to this mall since my youth (it was m...

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Southern Fried
Geek Girls

A fun place for geeky southern belles to discuss fandoms,  cosplay, the apocalypse, bow ties, and books galore.


If you're more into monsters than monograms, this is your home.  If you wear pearls while watching anime, so do we.  And if you are questioning the grammar in this post, welcome.

If Superwholock and Clone Club made a baby in a Marvel/DC au......then we'd totally add it to head cannon. 

Are you a geeky lady?  Is there a fandom you're obsessed with?  Got something you completely geek-out about?


We’d love for you to write about your passion for Southern Fried Geek Girls!

This blog is a community of women who all share a love of nerd culture.  We currently write for fun and occasionally Steam game codes.  

If you have a geeky product or passion project, we'd love to know more about it and review it.  Please contact us for more information.

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