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January 16, 2020

November 17, 2019

August 29, 2019

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Southern Fried Geek Girls

Game Review: Mad Bullets

January 22, 2018



Ever wanted a game that beautifully combined the feel of a shooting gallery with western hijinks and wacky characters? Mad Bullets is the game for you. In this highly-addictive shoot-‘em-up, the screen moves through different landscapes as wooden bandoleros, ruffians, and mean ol’ critters pop up before you. Shooting them rewards satisfying wood splinters spraying this way and that, and if you miss, they fold back into their hiding places gallery-style. But watch out, those bad guys can fire back! Avoid being hit by bullets, piranhas, and even angry birds! Also peppered throughout the scene are good guys and hostages, so be careful where you point your pea-shooter! Free the hostages, and you’re rewarded with a tidy bonus.



If this wasn’t enough to get your pistol a-blazin’, the game offers plenty of variety in playability. Through power-ups, you can accomplish a variety of things. You can increase your chance of finding bags o’ money, make it easier to rescue some of the hostages, and there’s even an option to put you right in the action!



When you start the round, you’re in your typical western town with a bank, a saloon, and plenty of crates and barrels lying around that seem perfect for shootin’. As you are moved through the town, shooting enemies that pop up and saving folk, you are confronted with a spinning arrow to choose your next scene, past that you can be taken to a variety of scenes. From bandolero towns to wash buckets full of piranhas, this game keeps you on your toes and right in the action.



If you’re like me and need something to shoot for when playing a game, the game has its own set of goals. You may have to shoot x number of critters, avoid being hit, intentionally be hit, and more of the like. These are fun little twists to focus your gameplay in Mad Bullets.



If you like a little excitement, you can switch up the gameplay mode. Besides a classic mode, they have a few more options. Hardcore mode makes enemies deadlier and more ruthless, throwing more projectiles at you for you to deal with. Hyper mode increases the challenge by speeding up gameplay more and more until you can’t keep up. In time attack mode, you race the clock, hitting your targets to refill the energy bar and keep gameplay going. When the energy bar runs out, you’re out of luck! In zen mode, you don’t have to worry about reload time, losing lives, or any of that stressful malarkey. Just you, yer’ trusty pistol, and 3 minutes of gameplay. The gameplay mechanics are super easy as well, just point and shoot! Clicking again will reload when you’re out of bullets.




Whether it’s the wacky characters, the wicked music, or the easy, addictive gameplay, there are so many reasons to love this hilarious, high-energy shooter. All in all, this game is awesome. I definitely think isTom Games hit the target with this wacky shooter.




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January 16, 2020

November 17, 2019

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