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Cosplay Interview: Lula Cosplay

April 2, 2017

 After the success of Beauty and the Beast and seeing all the amazing costumes at WonderCon, we needed to talk to some more cosplayers.  We caught up with the lovely Lula Cosplay and asked about her costume  process.




What was your first costume?


Sailor Moon when I was a child. I helped my grandma make it. As I got older, middle and high school age, I made Hinata on my own followed by Princess Mononoki and Meryl Stryfe from Trigun




What is your process when you are making a costume?


I buy the wig first, If I can style the wig I can handle making the cosplay. Then of course buy the fabric, trims, etc.




What is your favorite Disney costume you have made?


Lele Draw designed an Elsa, the design had me the moment he released it.



What has been your best experience at a cosplay event?


As Elsa playing with kids in the Marriott at Dragoncon. It was magical.  They thought I was Elsa, their faces and excitement!



What advice would you give new cosplayers who may be shy or nervous about starting?


Take a deep breath and stop overthinking. We all started somewhere, we have all stepped out nervous. I still do sometimes. Its worth it!!!



What costume are you working on/thinking about currently?


Inori from Guilty Crown and Sakizou



You can see more of Lula Cosplay on Facebook and Instagram.





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November 17, 2019

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