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January 16, 2020

November 17, 2019

August 29, 2019

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Southern Fried Geek Girls

Glitter Dice Podcast Interview

June 27, 2018

Once upon a time in the ancient city of Atlanta, three women obsessed with video games, table top gaming and Larping set out on a quest to find a podcast for women in gaming. Alas, after endless searching, their quest was in vail. And thus Glitter Dice was born.


Glitter Dice is a once monthly podcast that focuses around gaming in all genres. Linda, Kelly and Joie are three women that have been larping together for years.


“Joie was the idea person. She was looking for a podcast with women gamers. It was mostly a boys’ club with only one or two women at most,” Linda said. 


Together they decided to create a discussion style podcast that focuses on a woman’s perspective in gaming.


To begin with, the moderators have a list of topics. According to Joie “we like to choose topics that broadcast to multiple types of games”. Some of the topics including playing to win vs. playing for fun, how player vs. player affects game play and comparing games. They use their own gaming experiences to discuss the finer points of how to make the most out of playing time. 


The topic list is numbered from 1-20 and they take turns rolling a D20 (twenty sided dice) to determine the topic that they are going to cover that month. According to the girls when they created the list it was a choice of using a fun ‘gimmick’ or going down a list.


“We know what the potential topics might be before the show, but don't know what we’ll actually be discussing until it’s time to roll the dice,” their website states.


After talking about games, they also feature a portion at the end called ‘off topic’. They discuss parts of nerd culture including movies, new games coming out, cosplaying and conventions.


Recently, they have started to record live games. Mostly the games are little known newbies in the table top gaming industry. Nearly all the games are written by women and they always have a female GM (game master).


These recordings allow for a full view of gaming and the different challenges that it creates. It also gives listeners a chance to better understand new games coming on to the market.


Glitter Dice is looking to expand. They are now bringing guests onto the show, taking suggestions for games/show topics and looking for sponsors.



“Being a part of this podcast has made me be more interested in gaming outside of larping. I have actually went out and bought games because of it,” Linda said.


They are constantly being introduced to new types of games and are approached by women who feel that they haven’t been given a chance to get into gaming. The group has experienced a rise in listeners and subscribers within the past few months.


“A lot of times we feel like we’re shouting out into the void and suddenly were being heard,” said Joie.


Apart from the podcast the group is heavily involved in other creative projects. Joie is the founder of “Drowning Moon Studios” and hopes to have her tabletop game based on magical girls released by early next year. Linda has a youtube channel about crocheting and knitting Pokemon.


Glitter Dice can be found on Itunes, Google Play, Stitcher and their website  . Whether you’re an experienced gamer looking for an outlet, or a newbie wanting to learn more, this is the podcast for you!




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January 16, 2020

November 17, 2019

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